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Fender 55 Catalog Shirt size Large
Price: $19.99
Brand new Fender Black T shirt...
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stock # 7002 
Mooer Mod Factory
Price: $77.00
Mooer Mod Factory - Multi Effects Pedal...
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stock # 5123 
Mooer Funky Monkey Auto Wah
Price: $71.00
Mooer Funky Monkey Auto Wah....
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stock # 5122 
WELCOME to GUITAR SUPER HERO! We offer deeper discounts on items here than in our ebay store ( no ebay fees ! )
Price: $149.95
Jekell & Hyde Ultimate Overdrive. This is one of our favorite distortion pedals !...
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stock # 4026 
Behringer Vintage Tube Overdrive VT911
Price: $49.99 discontinued
Brand new Behringer Real Tube Overdrive /distortion pedal with a real vacume tube. Comes with free adapter/power supply....
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stock # 4025 
Radial Tonebone Trimode Distortion Pedal
Price: $269.99
Brand new Tonebone Trimode Pedal with true bypass and real tube overdrive. Two week delivery time....
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stock # 4024 
English Muff'n Overdrive
Price: $165.99
Brand new Electro-Harmonix overdrive pedal with real tubes...
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stock # 4022 
Price: $23.99
Brand new Danelectro Black Coffee distortion pedal with free 6 inch patch cable....
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stock # 4021 
Marshall Bluesbreaker II overdrive pedal
Price: $68.99
Brand new in box Marshall Bluesbreaker overdrive pedal....
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stock # 4017 
Marshall Guv'nor plus distortion pedal
Price: $68.99
Brand new in box Marshall Gov'nor pedal...
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stock # 4016 
Three Axl 6 inch cables
Price: $9.89
Three brand new AXL guitar cables...
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stock # 4015 
Bugera 333
Price: $649.99
Brand New Bugera 333 -212 with footswitch...
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stock # 4014 
C.B.I Ultimate Pro Series Cable
Price: $14.00 out of stock
The packaging on this cable says "This is the best cable you can buy"! ...
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stock # 4013 
Johnson mini amp
Price: $28.99
Brand new Johnson mini amplifier for electric guitar....
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stock # 4012 
Very-Tone Dog by Snarling Dogs
Price: $sold (discontinued)
This pedal is very similar to a varitone switch found on a Gibson ES-345. It is basically a notch filter with a pre amp. I was able to get a cool sound like a treble booster with one setting. Also great blues tones!...
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stock # 4011 
Bootzilla bass wah wah
Price: $119.00 Discontinued
Brand new Bootzilla...
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stock # 4010 
Bugera V22
Price: $349.99
Bugera V22 22W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp...
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stock # 4009 
Behringer Bass Chorus
Price: $29.99
Brand new Behringer Bass Chorus Pedal....
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stock # 4008 
Behringer Bass Overdrive
Price: $27.99
Brand new Behringer Bass Overdrive Pedal....
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stock # 4007 
Quick Tune QT-11
Price: $8.79
Brand New Quick Tune QT-11 for guitar or bass....
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stock # 4004 
Behringer Guitar and Bass Tuner
Price: $28.99discontuned
Behringer Tuner for Guitar and Bass....
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stock # 4003 
Q-parts Skull knobs (set of two)
Price: $22.00
Two brand new skull knobs from Q-parts....
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stock # 4002 
Johnson Powered Pedal Board
Price: $48.00
Brand New Johnson Powered Pedalboard. Includes alot of extras....
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stock # 4000
Price: $Free
Listen to Free Music on
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stock # 2027 
Zildjian T Shirt in Chocolate Brown Large
Price: $14.99
New Zildjian Chocolate Brown Classic T-Shirt -size Large...
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stock # 2025 
Mushroom Shaped Cookies
Price: $3.25
Mini Mushroom Shaped Cookies...
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stock # 2024 
Kasugai Grape Gummy Candy
Price: $3.39
Kasugai Grape Gummy Candy - Japanese Anime Snacks...
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stock # 2023 
Gilco Dark Chocolate Pocky
Price: $2.81
Don't be fooled by the name. This snack is good for women musicians too! Dark Chocolate Pocky....
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stock # 2022 
Doraemon Chocolate Balls
Price: $2.56
It is good to snack while playing music! These Doraemon chocolate balls are super. ...
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stock # 2018 
Morinaga Strawberry Hi Chew
Price: $1.19
Morinaga Stawberry Chewy Candy...
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stock # 2016 
kontol kuda
Price: $666
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stock # 666 
Price: $100
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stock # 120 
Price: $23
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stock # 2 
Price: $23
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stock # 2 
Price: $123.00
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stock # 2 
Price: $23
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stock # 2